Neilon X LowKey - Jazzhaus Freiburg

04.10.2024 18:00

Jazzhaus Freiburg

Natural Echoes - Kollaboration mit LowKey

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Beim zweiten Konzert im Rahmen unserer Kollaboration mit LowKey aus London treten wir im Jazzhaus in Freiburg auf. Das Programm bietet dem Publikum eine einzigartige Mischung aus unwiderstehlichem hochglanz-Pop und komplexen Jazzharmonien.

What happens when you take 2 young, passionate, yet dynamically different a cappella groups from different countries, and put them together? Neilon and Lowkey met in Freiburg, Germany in the summer of 2023 and immediately their sounds clicked and the idea for “City Light, Natural Echoes” was born. Their joint love for arranging music by using complex, energetic and unique sounds was able to unite them. By only using up to 11 voices, these groups take on the challenge of making old classics new, and bringing new songs to the stage professionally.


Neilon brings an authentic calm and power along with it through their pop and jazz arrangements and use of body percussion, while Lowkey uses the stage in a differently dynamic way through some crazy riffs and the use of beatbox. 


In their partnership, they have created a program in which they learn from each other and present themselves individually as well as in new formations. This results in new joint arrangements for a colorful and exciting sound experience.